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Occasional Member - Level 2

Users unable to view line-level receipts

Hi everyone,

We require receipts attached at the line-level. In the last two months, I've received complaints from 5 separate users that when they hover over the receipt icon on an expense, or when they click the Receipt Image tab on the expense, the system gets stuck on the white "Retrieving Images..." screen and the receipt image never appears.

Here are some of their comments:

"For the past several months I can no longer view most receipt attachments when reviewing expense reports. If you hover over the attachment icon, the wheel will keep spinning, even for several minutes, and the attachment will not load to become viewable. Typically only the first receipt will load and from that point on all others will not be viewable. It makes it impossible to accurately review expense reports prior to submitting since I have a delegate putting together the reports."

"Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?  This problem of not being able to view receipts when I click on the receipts tab has been going on in my Concur for about a year.  When I click on “Receipt Image”, nothing ever shows up, I then have to click back on the Expense tab, then back on Receipt Image again, THEN it shows up.  I would just be nice to not have to do so many extra clicks….does anyone else on campus have this issue, or is it just me?"

"Have you received any other complaints regarding reviewing receipts in Concur? Over the past week it has gotten unbearable. When I attempt to review an image all I get is the attached image below. It’s not consistent as some images in a report are viewable but others even after hovering for a minute do not present an image. It’s happening across reports and the audit trail states that I viewed the image."


Anyone else? Please, please tell me it's a known issue so I don't have to submit a support case and spend all my time getting screenshots and setting up a WebEx and collecting cell phone tower records and DNA evidence to convince them I'm not making it up!

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Rachel,

Did the users recently upgrade browsers or switch to/from Chrome? We had this happen to a few of our users when they got new computers. It had something to do with the security settings of the PDF viewer in the browser.

Hope this helps! I agree, the case submission process should be avoided when possible!

New Member - Level 1

So, how can I fix it? 

Occasional Member - Level 1

I know this question is old, but hopefully my solution will help someone since it is obviously still an issue. If you are on a Mac and are using Safari as your browser switch to Chrome instead when using Concur. When I did this I no longer had any problems viewing receipts.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Rachel, 


I have also expereinced this issue, in addition to switching browsers ( I use a mix of FireFox , Chrome and Internet Explorer) I find that for larger images, when the receipt preview seems to be stuck on "load" that it is actually downloaded as a PDF. Though I find it easier to rotate browsers until you find one that allows you to preview it, I wanted to share that tip in case it helps. 


Wishing you all the best!

April Marie

New Member - Level 2


I am new to Concur and am using a Mac and Chrome as my browser. I am entering invoices acting as another user for the time being. I am also having issues viewing receipts. The are available as PDFs but in order to view them I have to download them. I am not loving this issue for security reasons, and it is also making the task twice as long. Can anyone help me to view the available receipts in a form that is not a pdf? Thanks!

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi, we are also having this issue, did you resolve your issue? If so how? thank you!