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Unable to submit expense reports

Hi - I have been trying to submit expense reports for weeks now and have been unable to. I am getting an exception saying that I have unsubmitted company card transactions that must be cleared first before I can submit. There is one old credit transaction that has already been taken care of that I can't seem to delete. Wen I select it and hit delete it tells me I am not authorized to Delete the transaction! How can I delete this one? I am getting delinquent messages on more recent transactions that Travel@IBM page is not letting me submit. Can anyone help?

Super User
Super User

dear @munro 

Firstly to avoid employees removing credit card transaction is the most use way company set up the system as it could cause mistakes otherwise. So that is normal.


I am a bit unsure once you mention that an old credit card transaction that has already been taken care of? What do you mean?


Once you use the company credit card for expenses, it feeds only once into the system, so I would understand that it was never been submitted before.

Or did you submit it as cash previously without waiting the feed of it?

IF this was the case, you should include the outstanding credit card transaction but selecting it as "Personal Expense do not reimburse" AND you should be able to submit it if you have additional cash transactions (or personal mileage) which the sum would be bigger the amount of the credit card.


OTHERWISE, if you have done all correctly your expense report in the past and this still a transaction that shouldn't be there contact your Company system administrator who will be the only one that could remove the specific transaction.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@munro @Munari_alEXPert is exactly correct about how to handle this old expense. Add it to an expense report, then mark it as Personal. That is the only way to get rid of credit card transactions that have uploaded into Concur.


Please let us know if you were able to submit so we know you received a solution. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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