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US Travel Allowance - 75% Travel Day, Provided Meal Deducts at 100%

When using the travel allowance function (in the US), does anyone know the rule or justification on why if a "provided" meal is "checked" on the first or last day of travel, it decreases the whole (100%) value of that meal, not just the 75% value? So if the dinner and lunch were "provided", there would be no money left over to pay for the breakfast on these days. We have had several employee complaints on this calculation. Or if someone knows a way to change this, that would helpful.

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I just created an account to post this exact thing.  My employer uses Concur for travel expenses.  On my last one-day trip, I received $5.75 for lunch instead of $12.  $12 is the correct calculation for first day travel (75% of the per diem).  For some reason, because breakfast and dinner were "provided" it subtracted the full 100% of per diem for both breakfast and dinner.  This seems like a major flaw in the system.

Here is how my trip per diem was broken down. listed per diem at $61 ($14 breakfast, $16 lunch, $26 dinner, $5 incidentals).

First/last day per diem was $45.75 ($10.50 B, $12 L, $19.50 D, $3.75 I).

Looking at that, I should have received $12 for lunch.  Instead, I received $5.75 ($45.75 - $14 - $26) and that was only because incidentals were included, as well.

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I as well am having this issue - not specifically with US, but with Austria. I see that two people have asked and no one has come back. Hoping in the meantime someone might have figured out a solution for this issue. Any one?