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Splitting out a personal night of lodging or personal day of rental car

I travel for work by rental car and often lodging is a week in a boarding house-style AirBnb. 2 issues: I had a trip where for personal reasons I had to extend the rental car 1 more day and can't figure out how to split the charge to pay for that extra $40. Also, next trip I have lodging AirBnb booked for a full week, which comes with a good discount. However, it turns out that I might not need to stay the final day of lodging for work. If that's the way the day-to-day of the trip turns out, can I breakout the final day charge and pay it on my own? Under hotel itemizations I can't tell how to do that.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Wm22980 Hello! Thank you for reaching out to the SAP Concur Community.  I would suggest reaching out to your SAP Concur Admin to see how they would like you do expense these personal charges.  You could itemize and mark those instances as Personal, but your Admin should be able to give you clear info on how they want to see this completed.  


I will send you a private message with your Admin's contact info.


Remember to tag me if you respond or feel free to mark this post as Solved if you don't have further questions or comments. To tag me on your response, you click the Reply button, first thing to type is @. This should bring up the username of the person you are replying to.

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Melanie Taufen
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@MelanieT  solved. thank you!!