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Set hotel expense as Personal Expense - Non-Reimbursable

I have my business and personal credit cards tied to my hotel app. By mistake I charged a hotel expense in my hotel app using the business credit card. This was immediately paid by me, but as expected the entry came up as an Expense in the system. I tried to change the Expense Type to "Personal Spend - Non-Reimbursable", but it gives me an error. I can't seem to find that as an option under the Expense Type pull down menu.

What is the correct way to tag this as a personal expense to remove it from my expenses? This is already paid for with AMEX, so all that is missing is removing this lingering expense from they system.


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I have the same problem.

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Super User

Hi@jomartin Why do you want to select a different expense type for claiming that as Personal Expense. Don't you have a Check-box in your screen to mark that as Personal?  

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I don't see any place in the expense details (where I can select Expense Type and Itemization) or in the summary window (where all expenses are listed with a summary in a table) that allows me to check-box it to make it Personal. I was made aware of the
Personal Expense - Non-Reimbursable by a co-worker that used that to tag a late fee charge in his credit card. Where am I suppose to see this check-box?


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Community Manager

@jomartin it appears your company has turned off the personal expense checkbox. I also did notice the expense type of Personal Expense - Non-Reimbursable was not available as an option. I am not sure why it would be available to choose for the other entry on your report and not the hotel expense. It would have been nice if there was a Miscellaneous expense type to use. Looking at your list of expense types, there isn't really anything else to select. 


I'm speaking with a colleague to see if we can figure out why the expense type isn't showing up.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi jomartin,  because a hotel can be an itemized the "Parent" entry itself does not have the "Personal Expense" checkbox.  You can however open each itemized line and check those as personal.  Then from the Report page, select the Report Details drop down, Report Totals and you can see by the totals the amount that was selected and personal and the total amount to be reimbursed to you, which will not include the items marked personal.


It is possible your system is set up to not allow the personal checkbox for company card expenses, so if you don't see the box in the itemized entries then you should contact your company's Concur Admin to see how to handle.



Hope this helps!  Dlamont