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Reviewer requested ELT on my expense report.

What does ELT stand for?  My expense report was returned; the reviewer won't answer my emailed question.  My sales director does not know what it means either, but ELT is required for the expense report to be approved.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jlee232 ELT is a term your company uses and is not a universally used SAP Concur term, so someone at your company will need to answer this. 


I did look at your expense report and what confuses me is that the person who entered the comment is requiring the ELT approval for the Wiltshire Pantry expense because they said it will be over the $2500 requirement. This makes no sense to me because the expense is well under $2500, so whey does the reviewer think it will be over the $2500 requirement? 


Since they won't answer your email, I would add a comment to the report about the expense not exceeding the $2500 requirement and submit again.


P.S. if I had to guess, ELT might stand for Executive Level...something. Not sure what the "T" stands for though.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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