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Rental Car Invoice

Currently our company processes direct billed airfare charges through Central Reconciliation. Our direct billed rental car though is currently a manual process where Accounts Payable manually enters each individual charge in SAP along with the charge number. I have reached out to our IS-Concur relationship person to inquire what it would take to have our direct billed rental car process through Concur instead so the AP resources can be freed up. 
My question is, is there anyone whose company is currently processing rental car invoicing in Concur? I believe that it is possible, but wanted to hear from other uses.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@crhansen Great question!  Hopefully others can share their experience with it.  I did find some info that it is possible and will post that here. 


  1. Go to Administration >Travel Travel Admin > Manage Corporate discounts
  2. Choose a Company travel configuration
  3. Move down to Add car discount
  4. Select the org unit from Apply this discount to the following org unit(s) drop down
  5. Select the Vendorrequired discount, rate codes
  6. Update required direct bill account number or billing reference as available
  7. Click Save

If you want to create direct bill for a new group, then a new Org Unit needs to be created.



Additional Information

  • Direct Bill Account Number (rare): For Sabre, Galileo, and Apollo, enter the number when the company has a direct billing arrangement with the vendor and provides a number for it. For Amadeus and Worldspan, the Billing Reference (BR) field (described below) is not available so customers are encouraged to set up direct billing with the car company and then use this field instead. IMPORTANT: When this field is used, SAP Concur Travel adds the car segment to the GDS as /ID-. Be aware that ID- is used for reward numbers, therefore if the company has a Direct Bill number, this will override the reward number for that vendor.
  • Billing Reference (BR): For Sabre, Galileo, and Apollo, enter the billing reference number. The Billing Reference number is used for company billing, is company specific, and is provided by the rental car company. NOTE: The customer must have an agreement with the rental car company in order to use the Billing Reference (BR) field.
  • Billing Number (BN): Enter the billing number. This number is provided by the vendor. NOTE: The customer must have an agreement with the rental car company in order to use the Billing Number (BN) field.
  • Guest Booking: Considering the guest user reservation process, a guest user is automatically associated to the org unit of the arranger (the user who books the trip for the guest). If the arranger's org unit has individual discounts setup, they will be taken into consideration during the guest booking. Thus, if you want to set up car direct bill for guests, you should follow the steps above for a specific arranger and use this arranger to book the trips for the guests.

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