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I was charged a cancellation fee and was able to have the fee waived and completely refunded.  Both the charge and the refund is visible in Concur. I attempted to submit the expense together to show the charge and refunded amount, hoping that would cancel out the charge. Unfortunately, I cannot submit the cancellation fee without a receipt, even though it was refunded.  I wasn't given a receipt for the fee, because I wasn't even aware of the charge until I returned from the trip. Now what?

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Refund

@Nobody You should reach out to your accounting or finance department and explain what happened. What some people do is provide a copy of the charge from their credit card statement. So, when you speak to accounting/finance, ask them if this would be acceptable given the circumstance or maybe they will allow you to attach an explanation of what happened in lieu of the receipt. 


Oh, I almost forgot, your company may be using the Missing Receipt Affidavit option. This is to be used when you cannot get a copy of a receipt. To see if your company is using this option, go to your expense report and click the Receipts link. You should see a drop down menu appear. Missing Receipt Affidavit would be on this list. If it isn't there, your company hasn't activated the option.


Another option is to reach out to the airline and see if they can provide a receipt or some sort of record showing the transaction of the cancellation fee. 


Unfortunately, it sounds like your company has a line item receipt requirement which you cannot avoid so something must be attached. 

Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Sr. Training Consultant

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Re: Refund



The "Missing Receipt Affidavit" could not be used on Air Travel, Hotel or Rental.  Ultimately, I had to contact the hotel and get a receipt for the charge.  A good thing to know is that the receipt can literally be hand written. I wouldn't advise hand written receipts, but for this instance, because I was refunded the total's the Approving Managers discretion to accept or decline the expense. However, thank you for your input.