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Occasional Member - Level 1

Receipt images disappearing from Concur mobile

My mobile app seems to have "lost" all my new receipt images; 

I took photos of them a week ago (the option to save to Gallery box was at its default "Not to save to Gallery" setting)


When I looked today in the app they were all there.

I took another photo via the app of a new receipt.

When i went back in the app that image was there and then (as I watched the screen!) the rest just disappeared!


I thought maybe they have uploaded onto the receipt store on the desktop but they are not there.

Does anyone know why this might happen? From now on I will set the option to "Save to Gallery" but surely I shouldn't just lose receipt images if it is not checked?


I am on Android - Concur mobile version 9.75.0


Thanks in advance



SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi Rob,


I would suggest making sure your app is on the latest version. If this is the case and you are still seeing issues please keep saving your receipts on your phone along with the app. (having a back up is always a good plan) Then create a support ticket with your company's chosen support channel. Our support teams will be able to help you. 

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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I should not have to save a backup of a receipt saved to Concur. Period.   The app should work as promised,  I now have a $350 dinner that will not have a receipt because the receipt disappeared.