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Occasional Member - Level 2

Pending Card Transaction Item

 I have an issue related to an EE with an Available Expense for an item marked as "zNot Used - Pending Card Transaction" for a hotel charge that occurred on 3/2/23.  The final charge for the hotel was processed in a March expense report and the charge appeared and was processed on the company credit card.  But the 'Pending' transaction still remains in Concur.


Per the earlier instructions, I should DELETE this transaction from the EE's Available Expense list.  However, there is an Alert error indicating that "Company does not allow expenses for (card charge , E-receipt , Reservation) to be deleted.


Is there another option/process I need to follow for this item? 


Occasional Member - Level 3

Hello @EssentraRM ,

Even if the setting that permits you to erase your corporate card transactions is not enabled, you will see the delete button under the Available Expenses (Expense tab).

Please contact your Concur card admin to enable the option to allow users to delete the card transactions.

With regards

Frequent Member - Level 1

I think it is the E-Receipt they wish to delete, not the card transaction itself.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks all for the input.  I think I have it resolved now.  I temporarily changed appropriate settings in the Tools / Company Card section and the Expense / Site Settings section to allow deletions.  I was then able to Delete the Available Expense item (which seemed to originate from the Reservation).  Then I changed the settings back to their original parameters.