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Payments Pulled from 1 of 2 Funding Accounts Based on Custom Field Value for Expense & Invoice

I work for an organization with two subsidiaries. We already process invoice and expense payments for one subsidiary entirely in SAPC and I am researching our options for setting up the second subsidiary in SAPC so that our staff can submit everything in the same system. Staff can use a custom field value to indicate within expenses and invoices how much should be booked to each subsidiary.


It is critical for our organization that the funds for these subsidiaries remain in separate bank accounts. The funding account for one subsidiary has already been set up and is in use for Invoice and Expense in SAPC. Is it possible to add a funding account for the other subsidiary and for Expense & Invoice payments to be pulled from either account depending on the custom field value indicated within Expense reports and Invoices? Both accounts are US-based and would be making payments in USD. 


Alternatively, is it possible for payments *not* to be pulled from an existing funding account based on the custom field value so that we can initiate those payments outside of SAPC? This would also be an appealing option as it would still allow staff to submit in one system rather than across systems.


We are at the Standard level for both Expense and Invoice.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@nfp570 hello there. Well, I regret to inform you, but since you are on our Standard Platform, you can only have one funding account per country and currency.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Would this be possible to set up on the Professional platform? We would heavily consider making the switch if we had this capability.