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Good morning,


I completed an expense report on behalf of an employee back in Oct 2020 however, the employee states he never received payment. Who do I contact with this matter?


Thank you,

Michael Meo

United Airlines

Station Training Coordinator

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dear @u221837 

firstly I would check the Audit Trial of the expense submitted which it will show once it got paid. Go to the expense report select Details > Audit Trail so you can see once it was paid (and if it was paid).

Secondly, if there was a cash amount to be paid to the employee check Report Details > Report Totals and see if there is any amount "Due to Employee". Sometimes expenses which are submitted, the whole amount is due to the Company credit card, that could be one reason employees don't see the payment.


If you see on both checks that you see that expense was paid and there was an amount due to employee, it would be advisable to raise the query to the company Expense Team or who is in charge of disbursement, so they can also verify. 


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
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I would actually use the Details>Report Payments as it will indicate when that report was sent to the employee's account.  You can then go into the batch files for that time period and locate the payment record with the partial bank account info and payment notice for the bank it was paid to.  This will show that the payment was made to their account.  Then the employee can check their account for that date for a deposit.