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Payment Batches Won't Close / Process

When I go to Payment Manager > Monitor Batches > View Batches and try to close a batch, they won't close and process. This is happening for both expenses paid by the company (Card Batch Paid by Company Check via Accounts Payable) and expenses paid by the employees (Employees Batch Paid by Expense Paid by Concur). The batches are out there with "close now" as the pending option, but when I close them, nothing happens. The excel file will automatically download, but there is no info on it, only column headers and those batches still show that they need to be closed under payment manager. When I click on the actual files to see what makes up the batch, there are no error messages under the status column - they all show "assigned" as their status. New reports that are being sent in and approved are now getting added to these batches that won't close, so employees aren't getting reimbursed unless we handle the payments internally, so this is causing a major issue.


I've been trying for over a week to get some answers from the Concur help desk with no success. Any ideas on how to handle this would be appreciated! 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@holliw13 is this still an issue? I see batches for the last few days as completed.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Kevin, 


Yes, this is still an issue on the company paid batches. All new reports that are sent in get mixed in with the batch that's been out there, but certain reports will process in that batch. It's really weird. There are 10 of the "original" reports in that batch that won't process, but we've had a couple new reports come through that will actually close and I can download the report. Those original 10 still won't do anything though. 


As far as the employee paid batches, we're trying to send those reports back to the employees so they can resubmit them. Hopefully that will fix things. 

New Member - Level 1

Is there any resolution here? I'm having the exact same issue.  

Occasional Member - Level 2

They said our account had "FI-Enabled" flags on it and that those needed to be removed before we could continue to process reports as usual.  Once they removed those, we had to send all of the reports sitting out there in the open batch back to each employee. They had to move their items to a brand new report & submit it. The admins then had to go back in and delete the old reports. If you're having this issue, I would definitely ask the help desk about the FI-Enabled flags.