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Missing Employee UUID in reportsToApprove API

/expensereports/v4/users/{userId}/context/{contextType}/reportsToApprove  API returns approver and employee information as below. Only approver object has the employeeUuid. Any reason why the employeeUuid is missing in the employee object? The documentation mentions both approver and employee should be of type Employee 


"approver": {
   "firstName": "XYZ",
   "lastName": "XYZ",
   "middleInitial": "",
   "employeeId": "222",
   "employeeUuid": "1343284-34324-334"
"employee": {
   "firstName": "ABC",
   "lastName": "ABC",
   "middleInitial": " ",
   "employeeId": "111"
SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@ssk1288f Thanks for posting in the SAP Concur Community. I believe you may be able to retrieve the UUID from the Profile Identify v4.1 API.


I hope this helps.

Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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