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Merging expense and receipts disappearing


Since the launch of the new user interface, we have had users having problems merging expenses with their corporate credit card.


Sometimes Concur refuses to merge even if the date and the amount are the same. Then, if the user succeeds in merging an expense with the credit card, the photo of the receipt disappears completely (it does not appear in the available receipts).


This creates a lot of frustration for our users, most of them are not very comfortable with technology so it creates a lot of stress despite the fact that we have put a lot of effort into understanding the new UI and preparing our users for the change.


Did a change occur in the merging system that we are not aware of? What about the disappearing receipts?


Thank you

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Hi @nlambert ,


Regarding the 'disappearing receipts', Available Receipts is the store of receipts that have not been attached to an expense item.  Ergo once a receipt is attached to an expense item it is no longer available.  I don't believe that has changed since the previous UI.


Regarding expenses not merging, are you able to share examples?  From experience this is usually because they are of the same type or an item of the same type has already been merged.

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Hi @DeanR ,


The issue is when the user uses a receipt in "Available receipt" to attach it to an expense, the receipt disappears from the available receipts but does not appear in the expense either. A few users have this problem where an expense remains without a supporting document even after attaching an image of a receipt. They have to retake photos, and often the problem persists.


For the merging problem, I attached two images below. This is an example of a user trying to combine an expense created with his mobile app to the mastercard counterpart. Concur says we can't merge those expenses but we don't understand why.





I put those two problems in a same post because when a user manages to combine a mobile expense with a credit card expense, the receipt also disappears sometime.


I don't want to blame it on the new UI but we definitely have more bugs and questions on the user side for the October expense accounts. I only check if this happens to other users and if others have managed to find a solution for these bugs before escalating to support and opening a ticket.


Thank you!




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Hi @nlambert 


I can't see an obvious reason why those two expenses couldn't be combined.  Is the warning on the card transaction line there before you try to combine?  That might be something to check if it is.

I think you will have to raise a Concur Support ticket for this so someone with access to your environment can investigate.


Ditto for the receipt attachment as that sounds like a bug from what you've described.  Available Receipts are by definition not attached to an Expense, so combining Expenses shouldn't cause anything to happen to a receipt in Available Receipts.


Please share the results from Support as I'm intrigued by this issue. 🤔



If the expense  

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Hi @DeanR ,


Thanks for the reply, I will open a ticket and share the results here!

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Did you ever hear back from support? I am having a few employees complain about this exact same thing. Thanks!