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Routine Member - Level 2

Manage Sponsor Guest profiles not in use

Was interested to understand how others manage their sponsor guests profiles as to not have inactive profiles?  I know there is the sponsorship end date but our sponsors set that date so far in the future when really the guest only needs the profile for 6 months?  Any good way to track which profiles can be deactivated?

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Thomas, 

Did you ever find a solution? We're looking to roll out sponsored guests feature for candidates and are may set that end date 3 months out plus use the Termination Account Date for 6 months out. We also thought we'd regularly run a report to make sure we stay on top of it.

Do you create profiles manually or do you have an integration built to create non-employee profiles in Concur?