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KPI - Dashboard metrics

Hi All,


I'm setting up dashboards from Concur data to Power BI.


1. Can you provide a template of what you use to review with different  levels of the business?

2. What metrics do you focus on and who is your audience?


Executive level - Admin team - 

1. Corporate Card to Cash usage - both # of transactions and amount.

2. Reports count by month / region.

3. Top spend by employee

4. Top spend by expense type

5. Top spend by entity / cost center

6. Outstanding expenses (unsubmitted)



Super User
Super User

This is my favorite subject, KPIs. 

No need to reinvent the wheel. Have you checked the Persona Dashboard in Intelligence?  This will give you an idea of the metrics to choose and templates you may replicate in PowerBi.  The beauty of PowerBi is that you may filter by cost center or the entire company.  Department managers want to see what is impacting their budget. 


Below is a list of KPIs and other metrics you may use.  

Some expenses must show YoY (example: hotel spend, OOO, personal expense, etc.)


  1. Adoption rate (Behavior)
    1. Taxis vs shared
    2. Car rental spend by car rental company
    3. OBT  (Bookings in Concur vs Agent booked reservations)(%) 
    4. Credit card 3rd party bookings 
    5. Hotels (User booking under the Otsuka hotel program)(%) (compliance) 
    6. Air (Market Share)(%) 
    7. Ground Transportation (%) 
    8. Concur Mobile App 
    9. TripIt usage/ adoption
  2. Out of Pocket (OOO) or Cash ($$)
    1. Personal Mileage (identify potential fleet drivers)
    2. Amount Spent by Employee  (lost opportunities for credit card rebate)
    3. The amount by Supplier  (identify top suppliers not accepting Amex)
  3. Personal expense on corporate card ($$)
  4. # of Expense Reports by Employee (#)
  5. # of Transactions (check Concur Service Agreement for quarterly amounts) (#)
  6. Audit Service Metrics (check service agreement for quarterly amounts but report monthly)
  7. Expense report approval aging (how fast are reports being approved) (%)
  8. Concur Cases (open and closed in a month) (#)
  9. Travel inbox (#)  emails received, emails resolved, emails sent to concur case
  10. Profile Completion
    1. Mobile phone number
    2. e-receipt enable
    3. Apps connected

11.  Monthly % of spend categories to the total spend

    1. Top 10 spend
    2. Y o Y with variance for top 10

12.  Top suppliers (opportunity for discount agreement)

13. Air ancillary fees (upgrades, priority boarding, baggage, in-cabin meals, priority seating)


Happy reporting!



Maria Steen
Occasional Member - Level 2

Is there a guide available for those wishing to connect PowerBI reporting with SAP Concur DataMart, including connection details and whether this is through ODBC / API or such like? Thank you.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@salimladak I would encourage you to connect with your SAP Concur Customer Success Partner to discuss your requirements and if any of the current SAP Concur offerings such as Intelligence Extract Service, Custom Extracts, APIs will meet your needs. 


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Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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