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Change my Expense Approver - Who to go to

My line manger recently left the Company and unfortunately he is still down as my expense approver.   I am having a nightmare getting to the right area to get someone to make these changes.


Do you have anything on your system that might indicate who we need to contact in order to make these changes, as we are just going round and round with the SAP Team.



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Super User

Hello @gsimpson ,


The approver in the employee profile is usually based on the data loads set up for your company. In smaller companies this may even be maintained manually.


If you see an approver who is no longer valid, perhaps your company setup allows for selection of a different approver when submitting expense reports. If not, I will suggest creating an IT support helpdesk ticket. At the same time, I would also connect with the HR team. Mostly the manager in Concur is linked to the manager maintained in the HR systems. I would also look at the company notes (normally visible at the top of the desktop screen when you login) to see if I can get helpdesk/ Concur administrator details. Hope these tips help.


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Unfortunately our system is a locked down system and once you get to the approver area, everything is greyed out and no drop down options.   It has to be done from the backend by whomever is our administrator of the system.

I have a couple of emails in with our support teams to see if anyone is going to take ownership and do something.


Thanks for your help

Community Manager
Community Manager

@gsimpson if you don't hear back, let me know. I can possibly provide some alternate names for you. Send me a private message with the names you contacted please. That way I can compare those names with the names I see as site admins to make sure I don't duplicate.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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