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Incorrect Banking information but payment confirmed


So I submitted my expense report on SAP Concur. The payment for the reports said Payment confirmed. I waited for 2 weeks for my payment to come through but it didn't. I then realized that my banking information was wrong. I had closed the account and completely forgot to change the banking information for it on SAP. When I realized. I did change the banking information. I connected with my accounts team and they mentioned I should contact SAP concur support. I don't know how to reach out so here I am in the Forum asking for HELP. What am I supposed to do? The checks should have bounced because that account is no longer active however, the expense page says that the payment was confirmed. I don't know what I am supposed to do here.




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Super User

Hi @apeksha ,


As per standard documentation, the banking information in the profile will have status as failed when the transfer cannot be completed. The account history will also indicate any payments that come back. Since this has not happened for over two weeks, I would contact the bank to see if the account number has been reused. Most transfer mechanisms do not check names as long as the account number is valid. If an incorrect transfer has occurred, you will likely need to work with the bank




Community Manager
Community Manager

@apeksha I agree with @rohanpatil. Since nothing indicates any error occurred when trying to make the deposit into your bank account, the best thing to do is contact the bank as they should be able to see any deposits that were attempted.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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