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Routine Member - Level 1

How to handles VAT for registered VAT contractors in the UK

Would be curious to see how others handle the situtation where they have VAT registered contractors in the UK and how they are able to reimburse that contractor that includes the respective VAT.  My understanding is that VAT can be calculated in Concur at the receipt level, but that this is a “disbursement” – essentially repaying the actual out of pocket expense inclusive of any VAT (same way an employee would be reimbursed).  VAT Registered contractors, on the other hand, often “recharge” VAT by adding it to the top of their expenses (or on top of their invoice).  So if someone has receipts showing £100 out of pocket, they may actually invoice £120 after the 20% VAT recharge. 

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.