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How to ensure Credit Card posting date is within the report date


We are new to Concur and noticing an issue with Credit Cards as it relates to Expense reports. There are situations where a credit card transaction is authorized at the end of the credit card cycle and posted/cleared after the cycle has closed. Our bank does not include these on the statement because they did not post during the period. We plan to pay the credit card bill by the statement balance and use the submitted expense report to reconcile the account. However, Concur is considering transactions to be included in the closed cycle based on the transaction date. Because of this, the CC statement does not reconcile with the submitted expense report totals for the month - causing us to be out of balance. We are assuming that we cannot be the only situation where this issue has occurred. I played around with the custom audit rules to see if I could create an exception for these, but have had no luck. I have read some post where companies are modifying the export to solve for this, but our accounting software does not accommodate for this fix. 


What have other done for this issue? We are trying to keep submitters from having to review the card data to determine whether or not the transaction should be included. 

Additionally, we are using Standard. Not Professional. 

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we would prefer that the available expenses appear within concur by post date, not trans date. Because concur arranges by trans date on expense side, this is very confusing for our cardholders. 


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Most of the workarounds from the Concur Community do not work for us, either. We added a separate column to our CC reconciliation, but it is not ideal. There is a solution that you can promote through Concur Solutions found at the very bottom of the Concur Support website. These solutions do get attention from Concur, so please promote it if you haven't yet🧐.



We expect cardholders to submit credit card charges and OOP charges in 1 report/month. Any more, and we get charged! Although the Expense Assistant automatically creates a 2nd report sometimes for the same month, we can avoid being charged for it by moving it to the future. The processor changes the 2nd report name to 2 months in the future, and the Expense Assistant will automatically upload those charges to the new report. Ex, When a 2nd May report is created, we move the charges to the June report, also already auto-created, and rename the report "July Expenses."


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Credit card transactions are sometimes delayed based on when the vender submits them, and anything close to the period end date could get pushed to the next statement depending on when it gets to posting. When the transaction comes into Concur, usually 3-4 days later, you can see the statement date by hovering over the icon. We recommend our employees wait for their statement to create their report for the month so that they include only what is on the card statement for that month as that is all that is due to be paid. This may mean they have to leave some charges in their account for the next month, but the statement will reconcile with the report.