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How are you tracking Co2 emissions if you are reimbursing for Fuel?

We are trying to determine how to track/report on Co2 emissions for fuel expenses that are reimbursed/paid by corporate card. Is anyone currently doing this or have any suggestions?



Nicole Morris

Occasional Member - Level 1

It's mainly our facilities department that we pay for fuel, so I changed the strategy on their Company Credit cards and made them fleet cards and it tracks the fuel gallons and mileage with their employee id.

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What card provider do you use? We are not sure it is an option to switch our current cards to fleet cards with our provider.

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To track CO2 emissions while reimbursing for fuel, ask employees to submit fuel receipts and detailed mileage logs. Use a carbon calculator to convert the fuel data into CO2 emissions. Regularly review these records to ensure accuracy and spot trends for reducing emissions.

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