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Hotel Receipt Missing

Hi! I have a teammate that stayed at a Hilton she booked through Concur. She has a partial (room service) receipt listed in her available receipts (received 07/03/2020) but not one for room charges. She contacted the hotel and they stated because she booked through a 3rd party they could not issue a receipt. What is best course of action to get this receipt for teammate to process report? Thanks!



"The receipt that is attached is for my incidentals / meal only, not the hotel stay. I didn't use a 3rd party site, I booked through Concur. The Hotel stay receipt has still not come through yet."

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@SFranklin82 Okay, I have to say, the person your teammate talked to at Hilton can't be serious about not being able to issue a receipt. I've never heard of this ever happening. The booking was in your teammate's name, your teammate paid for the hotel, so they shouldn't have any reason to deny a receipt. 


Having said that, I would have insisted they email me a copy. I have stayed at pleny of Hilton hotels that I booked through Concur and have received an emailed copy of my receipt. Also, they usually put a copy of the receipt under the door the morning of checkout, so it sounds like something is off with this specific hotel. 


The only things I can suggest are: 1. Double check with the hotel and call them again. If your teammate paid for the hotel on their own credit card (be it a corporate card or a personal card), they should give them a receipt. 2. Have your teammate speak to their manager and see if a copy of their credit card statement could work in lieu of a receipt. 3. If your company has the Missing Receipt Affidavit, then your teammate could use that and explain the situation in the Comment field. 


If the hotel is refusing to send a receipt, I'm not sure what else your teammate can do. 


Lastly, do you mind sending me the name of your teammate (first and last) and your full company name in an a private message. I'd like to look at their Available Expenses just to see what is happening. 

Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Sr. Training Consultant

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This has happened to me today for a booking from last week at Holiday Inn Express booked through Concur.  The hotel "printed a copy of my receipt" but not looking at it until I returned, it turned out to only be a receipt of incidentals.  I called for a receipt and they resent the same one.  I called a second time, and they said they can't send it because it was booked through a third party and not concur and they said should send me a receipt, and nobody has sent a receipt.  I have also checked the junk mail folder and have received nothing.