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Hotel Receipt Missing

Hi! I have a teammate that stayed at a Hilton she booked through Concur. She has a partial (room service) receipt listed in her available receipts (received 07/03/2020) but not one for room charges. She contacted the hotel and they stated because she booked through a 3rd party they could not issue a receipt. What is best course of action to get this receipt for teammate to process report? Thanks!



"The receipt that is attached is for my incidentals / meal only, not the hotel stay. I didn't use a 3rd party site, I booked through Concur. The Hotel stay receipt has still not come through yet."

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SFranklin82 Okay, I have to say, the person your teammate talked to at Hilton can't be serious about not being able to issue a receipt. I've never heard of this ever happening. The booking was in your teammate's name, your teammate paid for the hotel, so they shouldn't have any reason to deny a receipt. 


Having said that, I would have insisted they email me a copy. I have stayed at pleny of Hilton hotels that I booked through Concur and have received an emailed copy of my receipt. Also, they usually put a copy of the receipt under the door the morning of checkout, so it sounds like something is off with this specific hotel. 


The only things I can suggest are: 1. Double check with the hotel and call them again. If your teammate paid for the hotel on their own credit card (be it a corporate card or a personal card), they should give them a receipt. 2. Have your teammate speak to their manager and see if a copy of their credit card statement could work in lieu of a receipt. 3. If your company has the Missing Receipt Affidavit, then your teammate could use that and explain the situation in the Comment field. 


If the hotel is refusing to send a receipt, I'm not sure what else your teammate can do. 


Lastly, do you mind sending me the name of your teammate (first and last) and your full company name in an a private message. I'd like to look at their Available Expenses just to see what is happening. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I am having an issue where the Best Western that I am staying at says they physically have no way to print or email me a receipt upon check out. They are saying that BCD/Concur needs to send the receipt to me via email and as after having spent about 2hrs on the matter I can't figure out how to make this happen and the only phone line that seems to be available is closed and on an emergency charge by minute only.

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This has happened to me today for a booking from last week at Holiday Inn Express booked through Concur.  The hotel "printed a copy of my receipt" but not looking at it until I returned, it turned out to only be a receipt of incidentals.  I called for a receipt and they resent the same one.  I called a second time, and they said they can't send it because it was booked through a third party and not concur and they said should send me a receipt, and nobody has sent a receipt.  I have also checked the junk mail folder and have received nothing.

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This happened with to me with booking holiday inn express as well, and now I have an open expense of $500+ because I haven't received a receipt from either party, how did you get the receipt to handle this issue?  

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I could not get an official receipt from Holiday Inn Express, their management, Concur, nor after multiple tries.  Each of the companies told me to contact the other.   I ended up taking a screenshot of the original Concur booking, filled out a missing receipt affidavit, and with approval from my direct manager, I entered those into Concur and submitted them and he approved them in Concur.  I'm not sure with the new rules how that will work, but that's what I did back in April and it was approved.

Super User
Super User

Did you book a rate that was pre-paid by someone other than the hotel directly?  This happens when you are offered rates that are discount, possibly rates or similar.  The receipt is not with the hotel because they are not the supplier of record.  They can only provide a receipt for the services you purchased from them.  If they do provide a receipt, it would only be for the amount they were paid for the hotel which would be less than what was paid to the original vender.  I don't have Concur travel but know this happens with my booking site when the discount hotel rates are used.  Look at your credit card transaction to determine the payee to see who it was.  In my case, the receipt is on the travel site as the TMC is the supplier of record.  If you have a loyalty account and were issued points, you might try there as well.

Nancy Murray
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Thank you for the tips!  I will try that next time!  I ended up taking screenshots of the original bookings and completed a missing receipt affidavit from Concur.  It's just very silly that a hotel won't give a receipt to the person who is physically staying at the hotel with the matching name and credit information for the booking, when all the other hotels that my company books with do.