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Hotel Expense

My hotel bill was 307.71 for two nights. When I try to itemize the expense, the total comes to 307.72. There is a 1 cent difference and I can't submit the report. I tried to split the amount into two equal amounts to match the expense, but the system keeps rounding the third digit which causes it to go above the expense amount. Help!!!

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Can you click on the dropdown arrow of the Hotel, and then edit just one itemization line? I am assuming Concur split it into $153.86 on each line, but you would highlight one and update that one to $153.85 and Save. This would allow the total to be $307.71. This is a screen shot of how to do this in the new UI, but you may be on the old UI where there is a little dropdown arrow to get to the itemizations.




Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Community Manager

@mshurrab as @JessicaL said, just go into the one itemization that is throwing off the total and adjust the amount to be .01 less. That should do it. 

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I can't do that because it does not give me the option to enter each night seprately

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@JessicaL Nevermind, that worked. I did not know I can do the edit on the individual breakdown. Thanks Jessica. I really appreciate it!!!

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