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Expense Report Status Change - Notifications

I believe my company has made a mistake in sending these notifications just to the appropriate individuals.  I have been receiving Expense Report Status Change for other employees, if I am not mistaken the entire company is receiving these notifications.


Is there a way to stop receiving these notifications unless it pertains to me?



Super User
Super User

Dear Heidi @HV23 

it is possible to adjust the notification you are receiving for some emails (e.g. report status change) see attachment from an external source which is well explained with screenshot rather than me typing all process...


Also, I am not sure why you are receiving notification for other employees? are you a delegate for some of the managers? Or otherwise something "wrong" set up on other employees profile where the email used for notification is yours. In this case, Please ask to your company system administrator, who can changes those settings. 


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari