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Delete Company Card Expense

Due to the pandemic, we have had several people furloughed and credits hit their company card.  Their cards are now cancelled and the bank sent us checks to offset the credit amounts.


How do I delete the charges out of their inactive profiles in Concur since we no long need to process them?


There are also instances where there is a debit and credit, but the credit exceeds the debit amount, so the bank sent the offset of the difference.  (example: Purchase for $100 and Credit for $200; bank sent $100 to close the account)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SarahDR You can hide these transactions from being visible in the profile of the person. I know they are inactive users, but if you just don't want them to be shown, then you can hide them. 


Another option is to temporarily turn on the option to allow for Card transactions to be deleted by users. Then go into the accounts of the inactive users and delete the transactions. This basically is the same as what I mentioned above. 


Otherwise you will have to go in and act as the inactive user and add the transactions to a report, submit them and process them. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Please advise where I find this setting as I would like to delete transactions prior to our Concur launch date of March 1st, 2022.

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i would say rather then deleting the transaction, hide the transaction so you have th back up you if need to see these transaction in future.


i am not a big fan of deleting the credit card transactions.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Agreed, the best course is to hide the tranactions (unfortunately individually) per cardholder under Company Card Administrator.  You could also "delete" the card fully from Concur which will remove the charges (it can be reinstated again if needed).  Deleting charges really becomes a reconciliation nightmare if you need to do so later.