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Daily total meal limit vs. per meal limit



I'm interested in receiving feedback from forum members related to changing our meal expense policy from a per meal $ amount to a total daily $ meal amount.


My company currently has a per meal limit of $15/$20/$35 for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  We use company issued credit cards. The Concur system automatically calculates the amount that is over each meal amount limit and allows accounting to easily deduct the balance from the employee's pay.


We are looking to change our meal policy from a per meal limit to a daily total limit of $70. Concur support is telling us that if we make these changes, the approver/accounting will only receive a caution notification that the daily balance of $70 has been exceeded, but the amount of overage cannot be automatically calculated. This situation would then require a manual calculation to determine the amount to deduct from the employee's paycheck. This would create inefficiencies in our system. Does this sound correct? There has to be a better solution to this issue.


Thank you in advance for any support you can offer!

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dear @Jstephens ,

I see you had also raised the same question in a matter already discussed


It seems possible to make daily limits with Audit rules.








Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
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Do you mind sharing what type of business/company you are with? Also, what state?