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Concur Support billing? Cost to implement a new country?



Has anyone utilized Concur Support to implement a new country? I would like to know a ballpark number for what Concur would charge to roll out a new country.


Also, has anyone been billed by Concur support? To my understanding, if a project takes longer than 10 hours to complete, it will be billed. Does anyone know how much this is?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@EDSN I suggest posting this in the User Admin Group. This forum is read more by end users who wouldn't deal with billing issues, where the User Admin Group is only for Site Administrators who have likely dealt with this situation.


Also, if you are currently using SAP Concur, you should have an assigned Client Success Manager that you can contact. They should have access to the information you are asking.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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