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Company Card Charges - Icon descriptions


Can anyone explain what the different Icons mean - below are two - one that indicates a Mastercard transaction and one that is the same colour but has a + sign on it.

What is the + for and what is the difference in the icons?




SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@katiehowle Hi Katie!  Here is more info on the + sign by the CC icon:


A small "+" symbol shown on the credit card icon indicates that the transactions contains Rich Data (level 3 data) or addendum data.

Here are the types of charges with the rich data that we can receive from the card feed:


  • Carrier Code (Airline)
  • Service Class
  • Departure Location
  • Arrival Location
  • Departure Date


  • No rich data is included in this transaction type

Car rental

  • Rental agreement number
  • Renter name
  • Pickup date
  • Pickup city
  • Pickup state
  • Return date
  • Return city
  • Return state
  • Rate per mile
  • Number of days rented


  • Item description
  • Item quantity
  • Item unit of measure
  • Item total line amount


  • Item description
  • Item quantity
  • Item unit of measure
  • Item total line amount


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