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Claiming a Reimbursement for Home Internet Service

I was availing a post paid service from BSNL. Bill due date was around Jan ending. I made a transaction in Feb starting. In january after plan expiry I started availing pre paid service from JIO Feb 2021 onwards. Transaction happened in FEB. Now, I can claim only one of them as transaction month is same. But the bills are for two different months. How to claim both?


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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@rocjoshi Did you pay for each of these bills on a corporate credit card or on a personal card? 


If on a personal card, what I would suggest is just entering the Transaction date for the first bill to have a date of January 31. Then the second bill you can enter a Transaction Date sometime in February. As long as you have a copy of each bill that shows the dates of the service, you should be okay. This way you have dates from two different months. 

Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Sr. Training Consultant

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Usually an internet billing has the billing period on it.  So a Jan bill due date could actually be for the period of Dec-Jan, or it could be pre-pay that a Jan billing could be for the next month, Feb.  You will need to use those dates when you reconcile and add the expenses to your report.  Showing the coverage period and commenting on it will be helpful to auditors and your approving mgr.