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Transcations transferred to Concur

There is an automatic transfer of all credit card transactions. One of the transactions will not be part of concur invoice and is not related to a concur travel, but is permanently creating e-mail reminders. How could this be avoided or deleted? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MichaelG Hello there. If I'm understanding you correctly, you have a corporate card transaction that is appearing in your Concur Available Expenses that is not a travel related expense and will not go on an expense report? Is that correct?


There are two ways to get rid of corporate card transactions in Concur, well three ways, but one of the methods is usually turned off.

Option 1: add the expense to an expense report and mark it as personal. That way you will not be reimbursed for the expense or payment for that amount won't be sent to the credit card company. 

Option 2: Reach out to your company's corporate card administrator and ask them to hide the transaction. 


You also ask how this could be avoided. That is difficult to answer, but if it is a charge on your company credit card that will not be added to an expense report, then it must be a personal expense. Most companies do not allow personal expenses on the company card, so just be sure to only use the card for business related reasons. Again, I don't know what the charge is for, so it is hard for me to give you a concrete answer. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Super User
Super User

Both answers from Kevin work, but I recommend all my users bring in the charge to the report and mark it personal.  This way the charge is accounted for and a comment can be added if nec for the reason it's on the corp card.  It keeps the account clear from reports that will not be submitted.

Nancy Murray