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Changing Payment Type

I am trying to submit my expenses but my hotel and flight are showing as "exceptions" as the error message tells me that these expenses cannot be submitted as cash.  I have a credit card associated with my Concur account, but it is a personal vs corporate card.

When I go into the expense, it will not allow me to change the payment type from cash.  I cannot submit the claim as it stands.  Please advise what I need to do.  Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@HH okay, I had to go look in your site and see the rule that is preventing submission. From the rule and exception, it sounds like your company prefer their employees to use a corporate card, if possible, for Airfare  and Hotel booked using the SAP Concur Travel tool. Because you booked using Concur Travel, an itinerary item is created and is looking to see if it was paid for with a corporate card or not. For some reason your company wants Concur Travel booked items to be associated to a corporate card payment. If it isn't, you get the red exception.


I think what you need to do, is delete the items from your report. Then create new expense entries manually for the hotel and airfare. That way there won't be a Concur Travel itinerary item associated to the entry, which is what is blocking you. Give that a try and let me know if that works. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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