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Can I get a report back after I approved it?

I made a mistake and clicked APPROVE when I really wanted to send it back with questions.  Is this possible to get it back?

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Dear approver,


It could be possible but not directly from you and neither if it has been finally approved for payment.


In case you have just approved it, try to reach out to your company expense department asking to reject the expense report.

If this is too late, you would need to ask the employee for next time to include a negative amount for the extra transactions they got paid now.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
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Super User



Depending  on your company's configuration and expense report workflow, the expense report cannot be recall when it has entered the payment process. Check with your local administrator if this happens again. 



Maria Steen

Maria Steen
Community Manager
Community Manager

@smford23 You cannot per se yourelf get the report back, but there are options depending on whether the Processor has approved it yet. 


Option 1: Processor has NOT yet approved the report. Have the employee who submitted the report recall the report. Provide the employee with your questions and what they need to correct or add as far as details. Have them resubmit the report. 


Option 2: Processor has NOT yet approved the report. Reach out to the Expense Processor and have them Send Back to Employee. Provide the employee with your questions and what they need to correct or add as far as details. Have them resubmit the report. 


If the processor has approved the report, then most likely the report is stuck and cannot be recalled or sent back. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I do that all the time as a processor.  I used to query by last name, and from there when you open there are button-it used to be set to just send back, but there's a setting to recall to processor.  I still use that occasionally.  

The other is response is correct, if it's been picked up for payment you're out of luch. If it's early in the day, before concur runs theirs evening processes you should be able to send back to the user.