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App locking up when a report is selected.

When entering in expenses into the app on my Iphone the app locks up when I click on a report. It will continue to do this even after I reboot the phone. The only time I can get it to work is when I delete the app, reboot and reinstall the app. Any help would be appreciated.

Super User
Super User

Hi @mattmc513 ,


This is certainly not normal. As you reinstall the app, you seem to be on the latest version of the app. If your iPhone is also updated on the latest iOS then I would seek help from Concur technical team by creating a support case with your internal IT helpdesk/ Concur administrator.




SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@mattmc513 Thanks for posting in the SAP Concur Community. As already stated, I would recommend checking your SAP Concur app version and mobile OS version to ensure you are on a supported version. If that does not solve your experience, I would encourage deleting and reinstalling the SAP Concur Mobile app. If that does not solve your experience, provide a screenshot. We may have to refer you to your Concur Administrator or IT Helpdesk. 


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Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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