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Amazon Business - multiple Amazon logins charging to one Amex - receipts correct retention?

We are on the Professional platform and have an Amazon Business account.  We connected Amazon Business after speaking with an Amazon rep at Fusion 2022.  We asked specifically if it was possible to have multiple Amazon Biz user logins attached to one AMEX payment and have the receipts fall into the AMEX card holder's retention and not the individual who ordered.  The answer was yes.  However upon our first order placed the receipt fell into the retention of the person ordering and did not fall into the retention of the Card holder?  This person would not be the one to file the expense so no need to have the receipt in their retention.  


For example:

Tech Department Head's AMEX is the payment method

multiple team members order, each has their own Amazon Biz login but the payment is set to the Dept. Head AMEX


Is it truly possible for the receipt from any of the team members orders to land in the Dept. Heads retention and match with the AMEX entry?


Or will the receipt always flow into the retention of the individual's amazon login/concur retention regardless of the payment method?

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The receipts will follow the user placing the order. You should be able to login to the Amazon main account and retrieve the invoices.  Just like you would do with other B2B like Uber, GrubHub, etc. 


Have you reach out to Amazon?

Maria Steen
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We currently have the same problem.  In 2021, Amazon Business presented the integration and how easy it would be that the receipts would automatically roll to Concur.  We still have Users in which this still does not work.  Support case tickets were submitted in 2021 but it is broken again.  We went thru the entire email verification with Users.

Moving ahead, 4/1/2022, I just started another Support Case for the same issue as AngelHurt.


We have 1 Corporate card assigned for a group of 25 IT Members ordering from Amazon Business with their own individual Amazon Business login/account. 


The Delegate assigned to the IT Director spends over 8 hours just pulling individual receipts from Amazon business, loading them to her computer, then uploading to her Directors Concur account/receipt gallery.


So much time wasted.  Hopefully the Concur Expert assigned to my ticket can provide a better method.


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Our Client Success Manager forwarded the following response to us on March 30th.  Fingers crossed there will be a fix soon.


I just heard back that there is currently a bug with Amazon Business that was recently fixed and should take effect in April that will then fix this. Below is the response from my team with more information:


  • In a “regular” transaction, when someone uses their Amazon Business account and purchases something using their own credit card, the transaction receipt flows to that individual.
  • However, in Amazon Business, you can set up “groups”, and have a default payment type (i.e. credit card) tied to that group.  In this case, when someone in that group makes a purchase (the “buyer”), the owner of the default payment type (“the payer”)  should be the one that receives the receipt for the transaction.
    • BUT, there is a bug with Amazon Business – in this particular scenario, Amazon Business is not populating the “payer” info into the transaction details we receive from Amazon, so consequently we route to the “buyer”
  • Amazon Business has fixed this issue in the latest version of their API, and we’ll be supporting this fix in April
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Due to multiple login attempts, my Amazon account has been frozen by tech services. It was quite frustrating to get this news because I have my little store on Amazon where I sell yoga toe socks. With Amazon services, you have to be careful because there are many reasons why you risk your business. Thank goodness I did manage to get my account back and continue trading, but it was blind luck. Almost none of my friends could regain access if they ever lost it. Amazon is a great place to shop, but there are a whole set of rules to follow when shopping.