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Adding an approval to the end of the workflow

We are a small non-profit and have about 35 people that submit monthly reports (for our Amex bill). It is our policy that a board member signs off on our Amex bill each month but I don't know how to add him so he can approve the Concur reports.  Right now our workflow is Submit Report - AP processor - Manager Approval - payment.   How can I add our board member to the end of the workflow process? 


Thanks in advance!

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@JHernandez4285 Hello!   If they are supposed to approve all reports and you want them to go to them directly, you can set up a Default Approver 2 step.  You then can populate each person's profile with this person as the Default Approver 2.  You will see the option for the Default Approver 2 in the user's profiles, once the step has been added to the workflow. 


A second option is you can create an Expense Approver step and use a Change Approver condition for reports to go to this person.  




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Melanie Taufen
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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