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AMEX Card Transaction not populating in Concur Available Expenses

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Straightforward, I bought 2 items from a Walmart 2 weeks ago today. I'm able to see the expense in my credit card transactions, however when I look in my available expenses in Concur it doesn't show up. The charge was originally made on the 24th of January and says it was processed on the 25th of January. I can see transactions that have posted after it but it's the only transaction I have that is not populating over. I've heard some of my counterparts saying they've waited upwards of 2 months before the payment posted to Concur and I imagine there has to be a way to have Concur pull my credit transactions manually.

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Have you checked with your Company Concur admin on this? They need to check that the card is assigned to you in the administrative settings under tools. Sometimes un-assigning then re-assigning the card to you will bring those in.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@TheLastMontoya Hello!  I was able to look up and I see that the transaction is in our system, but the status is Prior to Effective date.  You will just need your SAP Concur Admin to release those transactions to you and then you can expense it.  I will send you your admin contact info in a private message. 


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