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AMEX CREDIT CARD Refunds - how do you handle in Concur?

Hi Everyone

No that the travel volume is so law, and users are getting refunds back from the credit cards…

How do your organization handle the refunds in Concur?

We just had a case where the total refund was bigger that the charges > that caused the remittance file to fail, and took ages to solve with AMEX.

I am interesting to know what the best practice for credit card refunds, do you submit them in Concur or not, if not how do you get the refund?


Thanks for sharing


SAP Concur, Former Employee

Interesting post, @Orit_Dor. I'm interested to see what other Community members are doing. 

Chad Minnick
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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Super User

Depending on the market (of course) and the card payment type is the process we follow.

NA - ICBP - credits are processed on an expense report with no issue (currently using expense pay). We have not seen the issue of the remittance file fail...fingers crossed...

Can the reports with higher credits be managed through manual pay and a credit check be issued by Amex? I know its tedious but even if you can get the remittance file to .01 then it will process.