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Timeout setting in SAP Concur mobile app

I was curious how frequently your users have to login to the mobile app for those that have setup SSO.  I believe there is a 2 hour timeout setting built into the app/system by SAP.  So I would expect for employees to have to relogin after 2 hours of inactivity in the mobile app (or, say - if they open the app once per day, then they'd have to login each day).


But, we've heard a few reports from our users that some folks don't have to login each day, then can just open the app without having to sign in.  So that's led the business stakeholders to question how we can make that the experience for all users.


I've also heard that having users setup the mobile PIN will prevent them from having to login via SSO each day, which sounds like an option, but one that our business stakeholders are not yet keen to pursue (they prefer the SSO authentication method).


We have also tried tweaking our ADFS timeout settings to see if extending this timeout would prevent users from having to sign in every two hours.  We set the ADFS timeout to three hours, but have not seen any change to the user experience (still have to login to our ADFS SSO page when re-opening the app after two hours).


Just hoping to fact check myself here.  Do I have it right that all users should have to relogin after 2 hours of inactivity if they do not have a mobile PIN setup?  Thanks!

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Timeout setting in SAP Concur mobile app

Not sure if this will help, but in the Mobile app settings, there is an option that can be turned on to Auto-Sign in. Maybe your users can turn this on and see if they can then just leave the app and come back to it without having to sign in. That is what I am able to do. I don't have sign in each time I launch the app. 


The setting is found by pressing the the Menu icon (three blue lines) in the upper left-hand menu. From the Menu, select Settings. Under the Security section of Settings, you will see an option "Sign In". When users select this option, they will be able to select "Auto Sign In". Give this a try and let me know if it works for your users.