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Same Login ID in two different Concur instance (SSO enabled)



Is it possible to add the same user to two different set of Concur instances (different company ID). 

Employee A (
Concur Instance 1:                                  Concur Instance 2:
- Travel user                                             - Expense User


The Login ID has to be the same due to Single Sign On being enabled but then since it is the same, Concur is not allowing the employee to be imported into the second Concur instance. Does Email Aliasing help in this case? 

Concur Instance 1:                                   Concur Instance 2:

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Pritesh Jit Singh

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Same Login ID in two different Concur instance (SSO enabled)

No, you cannot use the same login ID. If you have a user that needs to be in two different instances, then they will need two different login IDs. I believe the system might let you use the same email address on both accounts, but a login ID can only be used once. 


If you are using SSO, then you would probably need to setup the employee with another network login. They would then need to make sure they are logging out or using different browsers to access Concur. 


I'm curious...why do you have two different instances of Concur and why does the employee need access to both?