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Expense still show available after report is submitted and approved

Hello all,

Unfortunately we do not have a Concur Specialist within our office, So I have been designated to be that person but I have very limited knowledge.  I have gotten the same question over and over. And I dont know how to answer it. 


Employees have attached available expense into reports, submitted them, I have approved them, the accounting dept verifies the information and pays the bill but the expense comes back into the queue, on the front login page, as if it is still availble to use.  How do we clear out the expenses if we have already attached them to reports that have been submitted and approved? 


Please Help - Thank you

Kim A

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Expense still show available after report is submitted and approved

This is an interesting situation, but we need more information. Can you provide screenshots of the employees SAP Concur home page and then their Manage Expenses page? 


Your other option is to Private Message me your full company name and the employee in question. 


What you are describing shouldn't be happening, but the only way anyone can really help you is to really get a good look at it. The best way for me, is to go into your site and access the user's account to take a look.