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Comments v Business Purpose field in Expense mobile

When creating an Expense on the mobile app, either through ExpenseIt or from a Receipt, the Comment field is displayed but the Business Purpose field is not.  This seems backwards to me, since the shipped Expense Entry Forms from Concur mostly have Business Purpose mandatory but Comment non-mandatory.  The result is a poor user experience:

  1. Users complete all available fields when creating the Expense, then get exception errors when the Expense is moved to a Report because they haven't completed the mandatory Business Purpose field.
  2. Data entry is duplicated, as often the Business Purpose is the same response as they've already entered in the Comment field.

Could anyone from Concur explain why these fields are set up this way on mobile?  There are many existing Solution Suggestions to change it but no action from Concur's side.

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Comments v Business Purpose field in Expense mobile

I want to preface my response by saying I am not on the Mobile team here at SAP Concur, so my answer is based solely on my experience in training and using our products every day. 


Receipt capture with ExpenseIt and creating and expense from a previously captured receipt is capturing what I refer to as a Quick Expense. This allows the user to get the receipt into the mobile app and  to get some very basic information regarding the expense into the mobile app. to ensure they don't forget about the expense. The idea behind this is to quickly get a receipt in the system. It is not intended for complete expense creation. Also, ExpenseIt items and quick expenses are not yet on a report, so mandatory fields are not yet available for these items because they aren't associated to any expense forms. That's why they get the exception message. Personally, I do not add any comments to ExpenseIt items because I know that I will need to enter a business purpose when I add it to a report. 


I hope this sheds some light on your question for you. 



Routine Member - Level 1

Re: Comments v Business Purpose field in Expense mobile

Hi @KevinD ,


Thanks for your response.


I'm probably getting more user feedback at the moment because we've recently introduced ExpenseIt.  Previously a lot of users would simply capture the receipt and not create a Quick Expense, where ExpenseIt encourages them to enter/update additional data at the time of receipt capture, then the most prominent option from that screen is 'Move to Claim/Report'.  The difference between Comments and Business Purpose is nuanced from a user point of view; they tend to just fill in what fields are made available to them and they probably don't realise that Comments aren't mandatory.  It may just be a training/learning issue.


I still think there is scope to expose the Business Purpose field prior to moving the Expense to a Report.  I think Business Purpose would be mandatory many more times than not across Concur's customer base. (Purely my opinion, no stats to back that up!)


Kind regards,