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SAP Concur Community feedback

I was prompted to complete a survey on SAP Concur Community including free-text feedback.  After a number of edits to get my feedback under the 500-character limit (frustrating - why have a limit?) I received a message that my responses weren't recorded because I'd already done the survey before.  Very frustrating - if it knows I've submitted previously why do I still get the prompts to complete the survey??


Luckily I was editing my feedback in Word to check the character count, so I can post it here instead:

Feedback on Product Forums

  • Replies appear at the end of the thread, rather than under the post replied to
  • No 'quote' function - related to replies issue above
  • no 'unread posts' indicator
  • page numbers for navigation within threads with multiple pages of posts only have the page numbers and navigation at the bottom of the page.
  • Too many clicks to get to the lowest level forums e.g. Concur Expense Best Practice
  • Category Activity only shows the thread creation date at the lowest level

I've used many forums in professional and personal life and sadly the user experience on the SAP Concur Community forums is at the very low end.  Some of the items I've noted above I'd consider basic features for any forum e.g. quoting and unread posts.

Customer communities are great for sharing knowledge but the UX has to be good enough to encourage people to keep coming back.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: SAP Business Exchange feedback

Hello DeanR, 

Thank you for your feedback. We'll definitely be sending this to the appropriate team to make sure they account for all the feedback you've provided. 




Beshoy Maoud
SAP Concur - Site Manager

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