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Routine Member - Level 2

Is there a timeline to sunset the LinkedIn Group?

Just wondering. I’m thinking as long as it’s there, people will continue to use it. Personally, I do like this format, though I find it does take a bit more effort to use. Eventually, it will be second nature. But I do find myself going back to the group more often than I visit the Community. Almost like a crutch. I think I’d prefer the Group be closed down. Thoughts?
Terri Moreno
Looking for new opportunities!
Anaren, Inc. - Travel Manager - Syracuse, NY
Routine Member - Level 3

Great question Terri! I did exactly the same thing and straddled both sides of the fence until @AmberLee told me off 😉. I agree there has to be a sunset on the LinkedIn site however not before some of the concerns relating to a development of an Admins only area are addressed.

Kind regards
Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Frequent Member - Level 1

It is nice that the LinkedIn group is there for history, though. I still use it to search to see if someone else has already asked my question. I come here first, though, since most seem to have switched.

Travel and Expense System Administrator