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Community Manager
Community Manager

Unveiling a new look and feel for the SAP Concur Community!

We are pleased to announce several new changes that will improve your SAP Concur Community experience.


On the home page: 

  • We've updated the look and feel of the home page hero, so you may see images and copy that is specific to your role or industry. We've also brought the search bar front and center, to make it easier to search for answers to your questions. 
  • Further down the page, we've added a "Browse by Product" section with product pictograms and links that go to our main product forums (Concur Expense, Concur Invoice, Concur Travel and Related Products).
  • The sidebar features an improved "Support" section with added live Service Status Dashboard updates and quick links to our most read Support FAQs.
  • Finding the most recent posts is easy with the new "Latest from the Forums" section. In this section you'll find several new tabs. "Solved" and "Unanswered" are visible to everyone, and once you sign into your account you'll see the "Following" tab (forum posts from  members you follow) and the "Group Discussions" tab for several of our groups.

Improved My Settings section:

  • We made it easier to access the "My Settings” section of the site from the Member's Menu (click on your profile image at the top right hand corner of the page. In this section you can update your preferences, avatar and subscriptions and notifications. The look and feel of this section should now be consistent and easy for you to find your way around.

Added Personalization Banner:

  • You may see a notification that your experience on the site has changed and we're showing you a personalized version of the SAP Concur Community. In this banner there are links that allow you to accept or decline the personalized experience. If you decline the personalized experience, you always have the option to re-activate the experience at a later date by going to My Settings > My Preferences > General.

We're continually making updates and improvements to the SAP Concur Community and always welcome your feedback! Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

Kelly Rigotti
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing
SAP Concur