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Occasional Member - Level 3

Multiple approvers

We recently encountered a problem with the  Pcard reconciliation approvals on Concur.

My understanding is that depending on the cost centre being charged- it will route through to the respective approver for example all HOD account transactions route through to the Head of School and the Departmental charges to the Finance accountant.

However, it seems that all the approvers can view all of the transactions not just the ones they need to approve.

We also noticed that when an amendment needs to be done on a certain transaction- and this is completed by the Pcard holder and is re-submitted then all the approvers get the notification to approve the Pcard again.

please would you know the best eay to handle this? 

Occasional Member - Level 3


Hi, we don't use pcard reconciliation, but do have more multiple approvers depending on the charge codes of certain items.  We have 1 approver that doesn't want to see other lines so we ask the user to submit a separate report based on who is approving.  Not sure if that is feasible in your case.


Mary S