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Expense Pay sudden accelerated Retirement



With the recent news that Expense Pay retirement has been accelerated, by 1 year!, and we are given options to work with Bambora and Western Union, what is everyone doing to address this? Any one with experience working with Wester Union? Or are folks bringing the process in house? As customers of SAP Concur, we have not really been given ample time to figure out the best process but rather being pushed towards Bambora/Wester Union.


Curious to know what others are doing and how you feel about this.


Thank you!

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi ,


We are looking for a comment about the Western Union. Is there any one using it yet? We don't have a choice. There is only one option for us. As we are sending one currency on the payment, we are also discussing with Concur to develop the bank file creation and send to our bank. 




Occasional Member - Level 3

We have a call with Western Union today, so fingers crossed on how that goes. We also want develop something internally as you mentioned but 4-5 months is not enough time.


Thank you!

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We have proceeded with Bambora and are happy with it. We have different currency needs, so that is why Bambora was chosen. I hope you receive responses about Western Union.

Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Good to know about Bambora. That is partially an option for us due to the limited currencies available with Bambora. There is no coverage in the JAPAC region and we are a global company. Bambora can help with the US/Canada and most of EMEA. 


Thank you!