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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

NextGen UI for Expense and Request. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Hi everyone,


Some of you have already transitioned to the NextGen UI and we would really like to hear about your transition experience:

  • Are you happy with the switch and what benefits do you see for your organisation? 
  • Do you have any tips for other organisations who are now looking to switch?
  • Did you create any training materials or start with a pilot group?
  • What is your experience/end user feedback after having used NextGen UI for some time now?

Any feedback you can share will be very valuable for us and other organisations!

Thanks in advance for your insights.



Routine Member - Level 3


We transitioned to the new UI for Request and Expense in December 2021, we took advantage of the low travel and credit card use at the time.

  • We have found the switch less problematic than we had thought it might be,  we prepared communication prior to the switch, I did key training with our top users and also the Admin teams, I provided copies of the training document provided by Concur as they covered so much, we didn't need to re create them.
  • We did update our internal training documents to reflect the new UI's for both Request and expense, but that was mainly screen shots etc
  • We did find that there was a couple of config set ups that we had to raise cases for through support - e.g.  Attendee's, in the original Expense we could amend the amount for each attendee,  but when we moved to the new UI, that was a config set up in forms and fields that we needed Concur to do.  It was a really simple fix, but we had to "think" about it rather than those changes coming across.  Perhaps its a set up change in the new UI, that in the old one we could amend the amounts, but in the new UI its a set up that needed to be changed??
  • A couple of things are in different spots, e.g lost receipt declaration which is under manager receipts, rather than where we would attach receipts.  Eveything is still there,  just either moved or called something different.
  • Overall, the transition has been much much smoother than I ever thought it would be, the pre work I did, so for about 6 weeks prior to turning the new UI on, I attended meetings, did on long training and lots of one of ones,  but that did mean that once 1 December came,  we turned it on and there was not a lot of backlash at all.
  • some of our users have noticed its changed and just accepted it, as they would any app that is updated and things look differently.

What's everyone else's experience?


I am so glad we did this when we did,  its an ideal time to do it, and especially as our credit card use and Travel has increased, well not to pre 2020 levels, but it is increasing alot.






SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Thanks for sharing your experience Janina! 

Occasional Member - Level 1



How did you find out about this? I haven't heard anything but we only have Invoice so maybe it's only for Travel/Expense.



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi Sharon,  the NextGen UI is currently being rolled out for Expense and Request only.   I've just amended my post and apologise for the confusion!  Kind regards Gitte

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Hello! We are planning to switch to NextGen soon.  We have a lodge card to pay for the bookings on the flight and hotel. The trip key information will be imported into the Custom fields. 


After the preview, there is only one default Expense Detail View available on NextGen UI. The default view cannot be modified. It can sort the transactions by the card amount, vendor name, Expense Type and date.


Now we are unable to use the customised Expense Detail View for the data sorting on the custom fields. It takes more time to process the transactions. We are unable to update all the transactions by grouping too.


Is there anyone having these problems? 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi Cecilia,

The 'detail view' is due to be rolled out in the new UI in Q2, so this should be resolved in the coming weeks.

kind regards