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Discover Concur Request's Latest Feature: Request Assistant

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Introducing Request Assistant, the newest feature of Concur Request. It saves employees from the task of estimating each aspect of their business trip. By employing generative AI technology, Concur Request provides employees with intelligent cost estimates for their trip, saving both time and effort.


Here’s how it works:

Upon creating a request with Request Assistant, you input trip specifics such as duration and destination. Next, you can choose the services you need cost estimates for, which can include:

  • Flight or Train
  • Hotel
  • Taxi


Request Assistant uses generative AI and user-provided trip details to estimate costs, including explanations for the pricing. Users can then adjust elements based on their needs for the trip, such as flight class, number of connections, and hotel ratings, and then regenerate the estimated cost. The estimated costs are then automatically added to the request as expected expenses. Users can opt to add additional expected expenses if necessary or submit the request for approval.


Don’t miss out on the demo video to see it in action!


Ready to try it out?

Request Assistant is available for Concur Request, professional edition*. To enable Request Assistant for a policy, the Request Cost Estimate Assistant checkbox must be enabled for a policy in Administration > Request > Request Policies. For additional details, please view the release notes.


Once the feature is activated across the organization, individual employees can choose to switch the Request Assistant button on/off while creating a request. By default, Request Assistant is enabled for all requests created under the policy where the feature has been activated.



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*Please note that Request Assistant is not available for China and Concur Cloud for Public Sector (CCPS) data center customers.

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I am a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SAP Concur and have worked here since 2015. While I live in San Francisco, I support solutions globally, including Concur Expense, ExpenseIt, Concur Request, and the SAP Concur Mobile.