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Delegate Function for GRDC Users with ExpenseIt Now Available

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Product news for Concur administrators


September 2022 release


The SAP Concur Mobile app supports the delegate function for GRDC* users with ExpenseIt - users can now act on behalf of another when uploading receipts when creating a new expense.


Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 3.14.21 PM.png


  • Only user groups for France and Spain can use the delegate feature.
  • Functionality will be limited to creating expenses. Once an expense is created, it will not be editable. If there is an error, it will need to be deleted and re-uploaded or the user or delegate can edit the expense on the web.
  • Both user and person they are acting on behalf of must be GDRC and ExpenseIt enabled to make use of this function.

*Global Receipt Digitalization Certificate is the process of taking a user-created receipt image and following the country-specific rules for marking it as officially certified (often via a 3rd party authorized by that country’s local government).

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